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EPA Region 7 LEPC/TERC Conference

August 1, 2017 - Below are a few of the items that were discussed during the break-out sessions at the EPA Region 7 LEPC/TERC Conference in July. Also included for distribution is the spill reporting fact sheet for Nebraska that has recently been updated.

It was a great time and those that were able to attend are to be thanked for making it a success. This information is but a helpful reminder of the hazards that exist in our communities and a good reason to stay vigilant.

2017 Nebraska State
Break-Out Session Report
2017 Nebraska
Spill & Accident Factsheet
2017 Nebraska
Spill Reporting


Providing Training for Responders is a leading provider of on-line training courses for public and private sector responders. SafeResponse has developed several online Awareness Level training programs for public and private sector emergency responders. At this time ALL of these programs at no cost. Some of these programs can be used for required refresher training. Funding for these programs is generated through a federal grant. Electronic certificates are available for printing to those who complete each course with a passing grade. A representative from your employer will need to provide a signature on the certificate for proper documentation.


Pipeline Emergency Response Guidelines
(The Pipeline Association for Public Awareness)

Pipelines are the safest and most reliable way to transport energy products, such as natural gas, crude oil, liquid petroleum products, and chemical products. To meet the pipeline industry’s goal of incident-free operation, pipeline operators invest substantial human and financial resources to protect the people, property and environments near pipelines. Damage prevention measures include routine inspection and maintenance, corrosion protection, continuous monitoring and control technologies, public awareness programs and integrity management and emergency response plans.
While pipelines are considered the safest method of transporting hazardous chemicals, they are not failsafe. Pipeline product releases, whether in the form of a slow leak or violent rupture, are an unlikely risk in any community.

In the rare event of an incident near or involving a pipeline, it is critical you know how to respond and how to work with a pipeline operator’s representatives. The Pipeline Emergency Response Guidelines gives you the tips and techniques you need in order to help protect life, property and the environment. (Download the Pipeline Emergency Response Guidelines...)


TRANSCAER® (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response)

TRANSCAER® is a voluntary national outreach effort that focuses on assisting communities to prepare for and to respond to a possible hazardous material transportation incident.  TRANSCAER® members consist of volunteer representatives from the chemical manufacturing, transportation, distributor, and emergency response industries, as well as the government.